Boards for Prototyping

Video Sync Seperator

Accepts a video synchronization signal, and separates it into useful signals for a micro-controller, FPGA, or CPLD. The pins are Digilent PMODā„¢ Compatible.
  • Inputs: Genlock or Tri-Level Sync
  • Outputs: HSYNC, VSYNC, Composite, Field-type, Burst, and Format

PowerStick Kit

Voltage regulation and power distribution for your broadast battery driven products. Allows for (3) separate regulators (12V, 7.2V, 5V), and pins for controlling MOSFETs from Arduino Pro Mini.
  • Inputs: 8-32VDC (eg. from D-Tap battery or power supply)
  • Outputs: Unregulated 2A, 12V 2A, 7.2V 2A, 5V 2A