Boards for Prototyping


(5) Bidirectional 12G-SDI Cable-Driver/Equalizer combos on one FMC Dev board. Intended for use with Cyclone GX and Arria GX FPGA boards.
  • Useful for 8K development
  • Includes Genlock/Tri-Level Sync Inputs
  • Configurable using jumpers and/or by FPGA pins

Video Sync Seperator

Accepts a video synchronization signal, and separates it into useful signals for a micro-controller, FPGA, or CPLD. The pins are Digilent PMODā„¢ Compatible.
  • Inputs: Genlock or Tri-Level Sync
  • Outputs: HSYNC, VSYNC, Composite, Field-type, Burst, and Format